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Bridgestone introduces it's heavy duty emergency auto kits for safety and security for any roadside emergency. This kit includes tools, first aid kit, lighting, jumper cables, gloves, compressor tire pump, reflective triangle and more. It is both rugged and easy to use. Optionally add an . Be assured that this kit has it all.

Top loading for quick easy emergency access, heavy duty durable bag with wide mouth case, Car Emergency Tools includes: Air compressor, Jumper cable, Tie down strap, Duct tape, Electrical battery tape, 10 quick zip cable ties, Tire pressure gauge, car tool 2 in 1 screw driver, Utility safety razor knife, Rubber flashlight, Two heavy duty flashlight batteries, Red reflective triangle with window or road mount, Heavy duty wool blanket, Nitrile gloves, Emergency rain poncho, Car Emergency first aid instruction card, 20 Large emergency adhesive strips, 2 Gauze pads, Adhesive medical tapes, 10 Cotton balls, 4 Hand wipe towlettes all packed in a heavy duty top loading car emergency kit forquick easy emergency access. Best winter car emergency kit we carry.

Auto Kit Features:

Bridgestore Auto Emergency Kit Contents

Top Loadiong Heavy Duty Carrying Case

Auto Tools Plus Tapes and Utilities

Heavy Duty Reflictive Triangle and Flashlight

Heavy Duty Jumper Cable for Dead Batteries (8 Gauge / 12 Foot)

Wool Blanket and Tire Pump and Tire Pressure Gauage

Emergency First Aid kit

Rain Poncho and Cable Tires & Much Much More....

Emergency Kit Contents:

Air compressor (12 Volt)

Jumper cables (8 Gauge / 12 Foot)

Red reflective triangle with window or road mount

Headlight - batteries included

Winter Blanket

Tie down strap

Duct tape

10 quick zip cable ties

Tire pressure gauge

Car tool kit 2 in 1 screw driver

Utility safety razor knife

Nitrile gloves

Emergency rain poncho

First Aid Kit with instruction card

20 Large emergency adhesive strips

2 Gauze pads, adhesive medical tapes, 10 Cotton balls, 4 Hand wipe towlettes

All packed in a heavy duty top loadingCase

Justin case safe auto kkit

Perfect winter emergency car kit

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Bridgestone Emergency Auto Kit

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Published date: Jul 15, 2018

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