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Car Tracker Installation 0
₦30 000

Car Tracker Installation

Car Tracker Installation

In this era of car theft, kidnapping, battery theft etc. One needs to be forearmed. 

I hereby introduce to you a GPS GSM/GPRS Automobile Tracking device where your vehicle is operated and monitored through sms on your mobile phone, and which will save you the worries of the safety or location of your cars, lorries, tractors, bikes, tricycles (Keke Napep) amongst other automobiles.


This tracker is a new product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. It provides multiple functions, such as security, positioning, surveillance, emergency alarms and so on.


* GPS/GSM station positioning.

* SMS/GPRS/internet network data transfer.

* Point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring.

* Continuously auto track upon different time and distance intervals.

* Absolute street address with GSM network.

* SD card slot for data logging.

* Supports 9-36V, so it can be installed on Bus, taxi, truck, personal car, business car etc.

* Maximum 5 cell phone numbers are allowed to admin the tracker.


* Geo-fence

* Movement alarm

* Over speed alarm

* Accident alarm

* Voice monitoring etc.

* Cuts off the oil and power system.

Our Goals:

* 1. Engine cut off with an SMS command: you can turn off your car from anywhere, even abroad with just a simple SMS command, and you must activate it before the vehicle will start up again. 

2. Real time Tracking both online and offline: You can track your car offline with an SMS or offline on an application. This application comes embedded with highly advanced landmarks/Maps to give you a great deal of accuracy. You can track your car anywhere.

3. Geo Fencing: you can limit your car to a particular zone. Taking it out of that zone sends you an alert of trips it off.

4. Spy on the occupants of the vehicle with built in mic. You can listen in on their conversations from anywhere. 

5. Low Battery/Battery disconnect alert. Your car alerts you whenever the battery is low or disconnected and sends you location. 

6. Overspeed alert: you car notifies you whenever the set speed limit is exceeded. This is great for transport/Haulage companies that wish to check the speed of their drivers.

Item Includes:

* GPS tracker

* Microphone (1.5 meters)

* GSM antenna (3 meters)

* GPS antenna (3 meters)

* Relay (12V/40A to 24V/40A according to vehicles)

* Harness (10 Pin)

* User manual


Published: Feb 12, 2018

₦30 000

Car Tracker Installation

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