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“And indeed, We have made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember; so is there any who will remember?"[54:17]

Do you want to learn how to read Qur’an in 14 days*?

*Yes! 14 days I wrote*

Then this executive IQRAA programme is for you

*Discover how you can learn the Qur’an with a simplified system*

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

Are you a resident of *FCT-Abuja* and wish to easily understand the Qur’an in Arabic?

Have you ever found yourself envying Qur'an readers because they can effortlessly understand or read the Qur’an?

Many people want to learn the Qur’an but they don’t know how to learn the whole Qur’an in short time.

The concern is about the time. They may have jobs or business to attend to.

In this programme we will show you step by step on how to learn the holy Qur’an in short time.

-What if you no longer had to be on the sidelines envying the “lucky ones” who can understand or read the Qur'an, the holy Book that Allah SWT has chosen to communicate to us in?

After the programme inshaa Allah you will:

-Begin to understand the Qur’an in Arabic, and over time you don’t always have to fully rely on transliterations or translations to understand what you’re reciting;

-Find it easier to memorize more Surahs from the Qur’an because you have expanded your Qur’anic vocabulary and have become familiar with the structure of the Arabic language;

-Feel a deeper, stronger connection when you make dua from the Qur’an and Hadiths because you have deeper understanding of the words you’re reading?

All this might sound like a faraway dream because perhaps you think learning Qur'an is too hard.

But what if it’s not as hard as you think?

We will like to teach you how to read Qur’an if you are ready to learn in just 14 days Inshaa- Allah.

We are organizing a interactive physical and online class for *30 people or less* in a batch for now in a classroom and on Whatsapp, where with:

-Video tutorials

-Voice notes/Audio commentaries



-Even phone calls,

Inshaa-Allah, we are going to build an awesome reader of Qur’an out of you.

We are an active adults and children Qur’an teachers of over 10years experience and students of all ages from 8 to 80 years old have successfully used this system to learn Qur’an from us.

Learn how you too can begin to understand the Qur’an in Arabic by attending this 7 weeks programme and just mastering this simple system.

*Note: The programme is designed for beginners who are interested in learning QUR’AN from scratch and not for those who have already mastered how to read Qur’an*.

*Why should you attend the programme?*

1. Save your time and be able to learn the holy Qur’an in a short time.

2. Our course will take you step by step to achieve your goal. It is a practical course.

*Who can benefit:*

-Anybody interested in learning Qur’an and virtually write anything in Arabic language.

- To the new Muslims who desires to understand the Qur’an in Arabic

*What you will need:*

-2 days of your time per week (2 hours daily)

-Whatsapp enabled phone

-Your attention and presence of mind

*What we shall do:*

- Teach you how to start reading the holy Qur’an in a short time inshaa Allah

-Teach you how to read and write Arabic from scratch

Reading & writing Qur’an in 14 days is guaranteed if you follow our training steps inshaa Allah.

The course is devised in such a way that it becomes very easy for you to learn the Qur’an.

*Duration:* 14 days

*Application Form:* N2,000

*Registration Fee:* N25,000 (for the 14days programme inclusive of course materials)

To *register* contact *Abdullahi Musa Yaro* *by* *Clicking the link below*:,%20%20%20I%20am%20interested%20in%20your%20*IQRAA*%20*7*%20*weeks*%20*Qur'an*%20*Programme*%20and%20wish%20to%20be%20added%20to%20the%20group.%20My%20name%20is

₦ 25,000

Do you want to know how to read and write Qur'an and Arabic in 14 days

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