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A strategic style in service delivery

We offer the following, modern business skills, business advancement, Routine training, digital and technological awareness, business inductions for intending applicants, seminars and workshops, business vision enhancement and technical support, and all kind of entrepreneurial packages. Others are: Oil Cleaning technology and Remediation, Export and Import duties. Homes and Industrial Automations and Electronics Gadgets Control Systems: Etc Telephone: 08033481405, 08099225860.

E-mail: dgsky@gmail.com

#1 Tosan Street, Rumuruolu, Off Elijiji Rd. PH.


DGSKY SERVICES is a hub designed for acquiring and dispensing digital innovations and technological proficiency for entrepreneurial empowerment. It is aim at creating and processing information for the modern business world. It is designed to actively involve in the developing of minds and repositioning of business through training for global business advancement. We also create environment and opportunities for those with entrepreneurial ideas but without initiation.

DGSKY SERVICES is a subsidiary of DGSKY GLOBAL RESOURCES established in February 2011 under the company and allied act of 1990 of the federal republic of Nigeria with the registration Number Rc: 102091 as a service providing organization.


We offer the following, modern business skills, business advancement, routine business training, business seminars, business workshops, digital and technological industrial awareness, create opportunities for new business establishment, business induction for intending applicants, business mentorship, business reactivation, industrial integration, Business vision enhancement and technical support.


Homes and Industrial Automations and Electronics Gadgets Control Systems:

Power generating sets self regulatory devices, Water pumping machines and water level regulatory mechanism, Homes automations devices systems (HADS), Homes and Industrial Electrical regulatory devices, Electronics appliance self operating mechanisms, Customized electronics cards devices, Biometrics (RF. IDs) Remote controls covering from 300 to 3000 meters circumference (60Hz) and Homes Control Gadgets. Others include


Dgsky Services believes in qualitative and timely delivery with due regards for customers satisfaction, interest and appraisals. We believe in customer satisfaction. We systematically and periodically upgrade ourselves to meeting up with global current practices through deliberate researches and learning. We inculcate the dynamics of business and its challenges into the concept of all participants through training. As a matter of lasting relationship and patronage we measure on value and integrity. As a hub for tangible and intangible products, we desire for testimonies of all patrons. Other Objectives includes:

 Creating a community of people with respect to time and excellence as signature in discipline through delivery to all patrons.

 Providing our services with due diligent to value and with simultaneous reactions, for all participants, individual, and corporate organizations.


 We create feedback mechanisms with all participants both manually and electronically for the purpose of improvement.

 We stand by the participants to evaluate the level of application and adaptability to information acquired and implementations.

 We monitor businesses of our patrons to appraise performance and to reassess the business environment, in collaboration with the technicality of patrons.

 We create the business tri-angle and drive it through constant training and monitoring of patrons.

 We make it a must to understand the individual /corporate needs in order to satisfy the customer for the good our establishment.

 We have it as our organizational culture that when we make somebody's day through appropriate service delivery, it’s translate to the public.

 We promote the endless opportunities through establishment of small and medium scale in


Rumuola, Obio / Akpo, Rivers
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Rumuola, Obio / Akpo, Rivers
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