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The Leica DISTO ™ D510 - The 200m range, waterproof DISTO ™ with Bluetooth connectivity, 4 x zoom digital Pointfinder and communication with iPad and iPhone devices.

Apart from the DISTO D810 Touch, the Leica DISTO ™ D510 is the only laser measurer in the world to feature both a digital Pointfinder and accuracy certified to ISO 16331-1 standards. When you consider that these features are combined with a waterproof, dust proof IP65 rated case and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connectivity for iPad and iPhone, you can really start to see that the D510 is a truly remarkable instrument.


200m range outdoors

Bluetooth Smart connectivity - pairs with iPad and iPhone

Digital Pointfinder with 4 x zoom

Multifunction end piece for measuring from corners/edges

360° tilt sensor

Free App - DISTO ™ Sketch

Up to 5,000 measurements from one set of batteries

IP65 protected (water jet proof and dust tight)

Accurate to ±1mm - certified to ISO 16331-1

3 year warranty

Large backlit display

Metric and imperial measurements to 4 decimal places

Can be paired with a tripod & adaptor for maximum accuracy

Last 30 readings store

Not to be confused with some of the lower priced DISTO ™ models, calculation functions of the D510 include...

Smart Horizontal Mode™

Height tracking

Indirect measurements (when no reflection is possible, e.g. the height of a tree or of a reflective glass facade) 


Room dimensions

Stake out function

Triangle function (calculate multi-cornered room areas)

Area and volume calculations

Inclination measurement (360° tilt sensor)

Leica disto D510 laser measure

Rumueme, Obio / Akpo, Rivers
Apr 17
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Rumueme, Obio / Akpo, Rivers
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