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Light Duty Cleaner 0
₦8 750

Light Duty Cleaner

Light Duty Cleaner



Light Duty Concentrate is the mildest, most versatile household cleaner available today.

Key Benefits

Wash dishes, hand washables, kitchen counters, stovetops, refrigerators & many other soiled surfaces. Very gentle on hands and safe for the whole family, earth friendly and phosphate-free.


Triple cleaning power makes water "wetter" for more effective cleaning.

Each bottle has the cleaning power of over 7 similar competitive products.


For general cleaning start with 1:3 dilutions.

Concentrations will vary depending on the cleaning requirements.

Store in a handy-to-use Golden Mixing Bottle

Fruits and vegetables: removes insecticides and other poisons, a few drops in a vase makes flowers last longer

Washing: use 1 squirt of 1:5 mixture in washing machine or hand wash safe for delicate fabrics, removes stains from wash and wear fabrics-nylon, cotton, polyster, lycra, latex, etc

Jewellery: soak and rinse, dry well

Shaving: can be used the same as pcc

Window and mirrors: 1 squirt of 1:5 mixture into spray bottle, fill with water, spray and wipe off. The most economical window cleaner on the market

Pet shampoo: kills fleas, make coat shiny without skin irritation

Camping: dishwashing liquid, bath soap, hair shampoo, washing clothes, etc

Published: Mar 13, 2018

₦8 750

Light Duty Cleaner


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