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Poultry-Zyme Liquid Feed is a major breakthrough in poultry farming. Considering the sensitive nature of birds in terms of mortality, simply adding one (1) bottle of 0.6 litres of Poultry-Zyme Liquid Feed into 1000 litres of water for the birds, this will ensure that the birds absorb up to 80-85% of nutrient from feeds, thereby enhancing growth, egg laying ability, boost immunity, hence reducing mortality rates.

For all birds, broilers, layers and turkeys etc. Now you can run a poultry farm and sleep with both eyes closed.

Note: The use of Poultry-Zyme Liquid Feed does not replace medications or vaccinations. It is always advisable to follow the Vet Doctors schedule for vaccinations and treat when required.

Ensure that your birds do not drink plain water just add Poultry-Zyme Liquid Feed.

How to use:

(1) For Large Poultry Farms:- simply mix 1 bottle of Poultry-Zyme Liquid Feed in 1000 litres of water and serve the birds normally in their drinkers.

(2) For Small Farms:- follow the ratio of 1ml poultry formula in 1 litre of drinking water or use one cap of the bottle to one drinker.

(3) Feed the birds normally.


• Poultry-zyrne Liquid Feed, enhances egg laying ability, as birds start laying early and longer.

• Increased volume of egg production-birds lay within shorter intervals resulting in more eggs.

• Improves the quality of eggs.

• Enhances growth due to increased absorption and assimilation of nutrient from feed.

• Increases profit.

• Reduces loss and gestation period.

• Environmentally friendly and eliminates poultry odour.

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Poultry Zyme Premium Liquid Feed Fortified With Enzymes

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