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Professional Certificate In Paralegal Studies 0
Professional Certificate In Paralegal Studies 0
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Professional Certificate In Paralegal Studies

Professional Certificate In Paralegal Studies

A legal assistant or paralegal is a person qualified by education, training or work experience who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, companies, governmental agency or other entity who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible." Under this definition, the legal responsibility for a paralegal's work rests directly and solely upon the lawyer.

Course Details

The Online Paralegal Certificate Program trains students for careers as professional paralegals. This internet-based program provides comprehensive support materials designed to help each student successfully complete the program. The program includes traditional texts, online lecture notes, mock exams, writing labs, and reference materials for all thirty-six states and Abuja. Instructors are experienced lawyers and work with students through the duration of their studies in the program.

Students will be able to study and earn the Paralegal Certificate completely online from anywhere in Nigeria or Africa. Any site with Internet access will allow students to take part in the Online Paralegal Program. Additionally, students are given training on and access to Westlaw and Lexis, the two largest legal research tools in the world.

Who Should Attend

This program is for anyone considering a paralegal career, career changers, current paralegals and others who work in law firms or government offices, as well as those considering law school. Many of the skills developed in non-legal fields (such as nursing, accounting, business management, law enforcement, medical and teaching) are transferable to the paralegal profession.

Online Advantages

Convenience — study at home or abroad, day or night

Unsurpassed website support

Students work at their own pace (students have one year to complete the program)

Email access to great instructors who are interested in student success

Earn a paralegal certificate from Knights Business School.

Web-based but Instructor led

This program offers the convenience of an entirely web-based curriculum, but has the advantage of offering students one-on-one contact with an instructor. Students move at their own pace through comprehensive materials with layers of educational support including texts, chapter notes, trial tests, mock exams, legal documents templates, and many other features. In addition to all this support, each student will also be assigned an instructor whose role is to help students be successful. The instructor will grade exams, evaluate and provide feedback on assignments, and track student progress. Additionally, by not allowing students to move forward until they’ve mastered the material, instructors are able to ensure student success.

Our curriculum is comprehensive. When students finish our program they are highly trained and ready to go to work. Our curriculum covers topics rarely covered in other paralegal programs.


What You'll Learn . . .

Introduction to the Legal Field

Students will learn what kind of job opportunities exist and tasks paralegals often perform.

Legal Terminology

By presenting an actual legal matter and following it throughout the legal process, students are introduced to the most relevant legal terms. The case presented is tracked through both the civil and criminal court procedures.

Resume Preparation

Students will receive instruction in preparing resumes and cover letters specifically geared towards law firms, as well as tips for interviewing.

Strategies for Employment

Multiple strategies for seeking employment will be discussed, including traditional and non-traditional methods.

Stages of Litigation

The three stages of the litigation process are presented, and the functions a paralegal may perform during each stage are discussed.


Students discuss various forms of evidence, including direct, circumstantial, oral, physical and hearsay. The elements of admissibility are presented, as are the procedures for presentation of evidence to the court.

Interview Clients

Specific techniques will be presented and discussed

Published: Mar 22, 2018

Knights Business School
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₦95 000

Professional Certificate In Paralegal Studies

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