QT4-15 full automatic concrete block machine 0


1.A multi-purpose machine, through the replacement of molds can produce different specifications of the porous brick, standard brick, hollow brick, equipped with secondary fabric machine can produce a variety of specifications of the color road pavement, grass pavers, slope protection brick.

2.It adopts PLC intelligent control system ,the program interlocked together , works reliable .

3.Unique forced fabric structure and to adapt to different mold cavity changes in the special arch rod to play a forced arch and the effect of secondary mixing, the maximum degree of high-grade fly ash to ensure the uniformity of raw materials.

4.Low-frequency feeding, high-frequency vibration, mold clamping vibration so make concrete in 2-3 seconds full liquefaction, exhaust, to high-density high-intensity.

5.The whole process is controlled by PLC intelligent system , It is equipped with data input and output device, to achieve the ideal man-machine dialogue, the control system also includes advanced safety logic control and fault diagnosis system.

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QT4-15 full automatic concrete block machine

Abuja, Abuja, Abuja (FCT)
Mar 19
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Abuja, Abuja, Abuja (FCT)
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