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Data Science software like STATA and IBM SPSS are designed for analyzing data. You can use it to perform every aspect of the analytical process, including planning, data collection, analysis, reporting, and deployment. This training will show you how to use STATA and SPSS to run analyses, enter and code values, and interpret data correctly so you can make valid recommendations.

The good news – you don't need any previous experience with SPSS and STATA to take this training.

Course Materials

We will make use of training manual, real live data, and class practical to make sure this training is delivered effectively.

Curriculum for This Training

introduction to Data Science

Introduction to SPSS and STATA Graphical User

Interface/ syntax.

Creating, Importing and Exporting Data.

Data Management in STATA and SPSS including inserting variables, recoding variables, applying value labels to variables, handling missing values etc.

Coding of Data in SPSS and STATA.

Survey Data Analysis in SPSS and STATA.

Applied Inferential Statistics in SPSS (applied to real life situations).

Transforming Data into graphs, such as histograms, scatter graph, boxplots and more.

Applied Descriptive Statistics: summary tables, cross tabulations, frequencies, correlations.

ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), including Post-hoc Tests and Levene's Equal Variance Test.

Linear regression applied to real life situations.

Independent Samples T-test and Paired Samples T-test applied to real life situations.

Choosing the appropriate statistical technique to analyze data.

How to interpret results, Including Frequencies, Descriptive, Correlation, regression etc.

Who are the target audience?

- Data Science Enthusiasts

- Individuals who want to improve their data analysis, interpretation, and reporting

- Students (B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. level) who want to learn how to analyze data with statistical Softwares.

SPSS and STATA Data Analysis Training

Jikoyi, Karu, Abuja (FCT)
Nov 25
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Jikoyi, Karu, Abuja (FCT)