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How can Israel with only 7.1 million people, no natural resources, enemies on every border, and in a constant state of war produce more start-up companies than japan, India, Korea, Canada, and the United Kingdom? Drawing on examples from the country's foremost inventors and investors, geopolitical experts Dan Senor and Saul singer describe how Israel's adversity driven culture fosters a unique combination of innovative and entrepreneurial intensity.

While Americans emphasize decorum and exhaustive preparation, Israelis put chutzpah first. Senor and singer also show why Israel's policies on immigration, R & D, and military service have spurred the country's rise: Israel has more companies on the NASDAQ than Korea, Japan, Singapore, India and all of Europe combined. There's never been a better time to look at this remarkable and resilient country for some impressive, surprising lessons not only for other nations, but also for business people and organizations for every one seeking economic success.

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Start Up Nation The Story Of Israel's Economic Miracle

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