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More than ever Telling Stories to Children, is more imperative now. Today, television, movies and video games compete with the old-fashioned story-telling which in many cases do not provide children with adequate and wholesome entertainment.

Unlike TV, movies, and video and computer games, story-telling also offers the following benefits:

Story-telling develops an atmosphere of communication and establishes bond between the parent-storyteller and their children

Story-telling heightens and develops the children's imagination, thus making them creative

Story-telling teaches the children the art of story-telling itself, the use of language, and the art of communication.

Story-telling benefits both the story-teller and the children since story-telling is a shared experience that both the story-teller and the listener enjoy and learn and delight from.

Story-telling also teaches the children indirectly how to live morally and righteously.

Stories to tell Children is a compilation of classic stories written with the children's future well-being in mind.

Composed of 52 stories, Stories to tell Children is guaranteed to delight both the parent and the children and bridge the communication and generation gap that is commonplace in many homes today.

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Stories To Tell Children | 52 Classic Bedtime Stories

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