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TMG || ULTIMATE IMPORTATION GUIDE || 2016 || Pro Version || E-Book 0
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₦5 000

TMG || ULTIMATE IMPORTATION GUIDE || 2016 || Pro Version || E-Book

TMG || ULTIMATE IMPORTATION GUIDE || 2016 || Pro Version || E-Book



In this bespoke Mini Importation Guide E-Book, you'll learn how to get started as a mini importer in the next 72 hours, even if you are dead broke like I was when I started out - you'll so love this.Those fake gurus out there don't know it. I'm sure most of them, will even purchase this guide because of this tip alone.

The 4 “secret” 100% guaranteed import portals where you can do all your importation on with peace of mind. Don't even try to guess L. It's certainly not what you think!

The 2 words that get the "brother-in-law" price on everything you ever order. Ha ha ha, drop these two words and you're unto the best lowest price ever.

How to avoid virtually ALL the paper works of importing and eliminate costly mistakes.

My 1,2,3 simple steps to verify sellers so as to ascertain their experience with their past customers. Dare venture into this business without these tips, you're on your own.

My simple trick of knocking of shipping fee, and getting FREE shipping on every item I order... I can vouch that apart from the group of people that I attended my last workshop recently in Lagos, I am the only one using this trick for now. With this trick, even when the seller requires you to pay some amount as shipping fee, he bows to this trick and ship your order free to you.

How to make every payment for your order with your normal ATM cards (yes, the same ATM cards issued by your bank... but there's more to whatever you may be thinking right now.)

Separating the real wholesalers from the middlemen; how to identify the scammers of the industry.

How to determine hot in demand products that are guaranteed to sell.

How to track shipments and confirm deliveries - what you must not do before shipment.

How to by pass every Custom wahalas... This trick is dead simple but works like gangbusters.

How to get manufacturers to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE. If your name or business name is Smart Watches for example, you'll get all your products branded with it. This presents you as an authority and attract more buyers.

How to market your goods to consumers, using only social media (no need for a website - this will wow you seriously!)

How to even make more money teaching people your importation knowledge in seminars and consultations.

And a lots more...

To order your copy of the Mini Importation E-Book along with 4 other bonuses, kindly contact us on the following channels:

Tel: 08060430406

WhatsApp: 08060430406

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest...

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Published: Mar 20, 2018

Mr Tayo TMG
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₦5 000

TMG || ULTIMATE IMPORTATION GUIDE || 2016 || Pro Version || E-Book


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