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Tomatoes Facial soaps :

1. Treats Open Pores.

2. Glowing Skin.

3. Treats Skin Conditions.

4. Treats Acne.

5. Prevents Excess Oil Secretion.

6. Prevents Signs of Ageing.

7. Acts as a Natural Sunscreen.

8. Acts as a Stress Reliever.

9. Perfect Astringent.

10. Fights Cellular Damage.

11. Natural Bleaching Agent.

12. Prevents Sunburn.

13. Smooth Skin.

14. Removes Dead Skin Cells.

* You can also use the soap both on the face and body

₦ 300

Tomatoes Facial Soap

Kabi, Kuje, Abuja (FCT)
Nov 21

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Kabi, Kuje, Abuja (FCT)