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Wash N Wax

Wash N Wax



A car shampoo that cleans and protects all-in-one.


A dual surfactant system specially formulated for maximum non-abrasive cleaning and protection.

A small dose of this highly concentrated product, mixed in cold water, displays excellent foaming properties and also makes the product very economical.

Each bottle completes 100 car washes.

A versatile product that can be used on tiles, ovens, grills and floors as well as other useful household applications.

Key Benefits

• Enhances paintwork which becomes glossier with every wash.

• Does not streak.

• Excellent water barrier properties and increased run off due to a protective silicone film.

• Reduced oxidation due to this silicone protection.

• Biodegradable formulation ensuring ingredients break down to their basic constituents by biological activity


? Car Wash: Use 1 capful in 6 litres of water at full pressure to break up the wax and promote sud formation. Wash the car section by section in the shade and rinse with a hose pipe. (Do not pressure spray). Dry the window and chrome

? Silver and Copper: dip in WASH “N” WAX after cleaning.

? Prevent spots on silver, wooden panels—wash with WASH “N” WAX for beautiful shiny finish.

? Freezers and ovens----wipe out with WASH “N” WAX after cleaning---ice falls off easily and oil splashes do not stick (reduces cleaning time considerably)

? Shower doors and tiles: clean thoroughly, apply 1 capful WASH “N” WAX in 4-5 litres of water and allow to dry.

? Keeps clean for longer periods.

Published: Mar 13, 2018

₦4 750

Wash N Wax

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