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Wellness bio disc 0
Wellness bio disc 0
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Wellness bio disc

Wellness bio disc

We are getting old by the minutes and seconds!!!

        Under the threatening environment with pollutes

what shall we do?

           We Must Resonate with Health

•Your body is a complex and highly sophisticated organism. It needs constant fine-tuning in stress-filled environments.

•At your best you resonate with health--almost literally, every part of your being vibrates in harmony.

•Conversely when your resonances are disturbed or interrupted, your body begins to break down.

You become vulnerable to a variety of ailments and diseases.

Not only are you not functioning effectively, but also your defense mechanisms are in decline.

Bio disc comes out,it's our great protector!

Keep our body healthy.

What is bio disc?

•Mineral based high-tech formulated scalar energy disc with nano glass material 

•Capable of emitting scalar energy instantly transforming bio-energy into our body to promote molecular activities of water molecules in body organs.

•Benefit the body’s metabolic functions, elevating blood circulation systems

•Result is holistic healthcare functions the Most Natural Way

  What is Scalar Energy?

•Based on latest discovery in quantum science

•Scalar Energy has always existed since the beginning of time.

•However it is only recently that scientists have discovered it and begun to make use of it.

  Scalar Energy

•Strong scientific evidence

•Amazing Healing Properties

•Now used by the medical field to treat HIV positive patients!

•Now beginning to be known to many people, esp the bio-medical profession!

              Treats Many Ailments and Illnesses

  The Pendant can treat many ailments and illnesses!

                 Amazing testimonies in USA

        and recently in Malaysia and Singapore!

                       Scientific Reports

•The scalar energy pendant is based on strong scientific principles and evidence.

•The Barron Report, one of many, describes what scalar energy is and how amazing it is.

•There are many other scientific reports supporting the benefits of scalar energy for our health.

•Recently it is being used to treat HIV Positive patients!

  You Can Even Drink Scalar Energized Water!

•You can use it to charge or energize your water by putting it under your glass or tumbler of water!

•You can even charge inexpensive wine to taste much better, like moreexpensive wine! It will definitely be smoother!

•Just place the water or wine over the pendant for just 10 to 15 minutes!    

Published: Mar 09, 2018

₦28 500

Wellness bio disc

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